Eyelash Extensions: A Time-Saving Tip


The Fight For Time

I had a few weeks left on maternity leave and suddenly got really anxious about my return. There were so many reasons to worry, however, morning logistics was at the forefront of the brain on this night. I started scouring the web for time-saving tips on how to get ready in the morning. I didn’t want to go to work looking like the frazzled, unkempt person I had become trying to manage an infant, toddler and household. I needed to fool people into thinking I actually had my “ish” together. I also needed to make sure the toddler had breakfast, the infant had a belly full of bub (a.k.a. momma’s milk), clothes were picked out, food was prepped and ready for the kids and myself, milk was freshly pumped, espresso was made (very important) and I somehow had a presentable face with a decent outfit all before 7a.m. How the heck was I going to make this happen? I am happy to share that there were a lot of fascinating and fun tips, but the one that got me really excited happened to be eyelash extensions. I suddenly found myself on yelp looking for top rated lash techs. Once I found a reputable person I was confident in, I researched maintenance and anything else extension related. I made an appointment the next day without understanding exactly how life-changing this experience would be.

Eyelash Extensions

When I arrived at my appointment the eyelash technician was super warm and friendly. She explained that it would take a little over an hour for the set I chose and it would not be painful at all. I learned that, depending on your lash cycle, I could do refills every 2-4 weeks. I decided on 3 just to see how that turned out. For me, 3 weeks has been perfect and I have been going for 5 months now. I recently discovered that I should remove the extensions every 6 months so my natural lashes can breathe, then I can get a new set after a week or so. I’m definitely not looking forward to that, but it’s what my girl recommended so will listen to the expert.

Lashes by Casey Rhine

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I’m sure everyone is curious about how much it costs. Well, I am here to confirm they are not cheap to get, then maintain… at all. Obviously, the prices range from a full set being around $200 to CHA-CHING!!!! It is, however, an amazing mommy hack if it makes sense for you. My lash girl gave me a great tip that I would like to share. Get the cheapest set and you can upgrade the style during refill appointments. Refills may run from $50 to $100, but I suppose the price all depends on your location and demand. The tip she provided is probably the most cost-effective way to go and proves what a truly awesome person she is for sharing this with me. Also, once you get all “fabu-lash”, you won’t want to go back so start small and gradually order tall. Do research on prices in your area, but I urge you to prioritize credentials over cost. This could be the difference between a traumatizing first experience or one that gives you wings. Not having to worry so much about my makeup routine has literally saved me hours upon hours during the week. There is a definite cost/savings benefit that I rationalize in my head. I truly believe this gives me back time for my morning tasks and commute. Also, on the days I am full-time with the kids, I spend zero time on makeup and still feel OK about my appearance. I know I’m also saving on the makeup I no longer need/wear (i.e. mascara, eyelash curler, eyeliner, etc). I’m a banker so trust me, I have done the math.


Sadly, this is a subject I get very excited to talk about. I have received so many compliments on my lashes and referred countless people to my gal. I have heard that some people are ashamed to admit they get extensions and I can respect their stance. I, however, fall on the completely opposite side of the spectrum. I love sharing this time-saving/money-hogging tip with anyone that comments. My favorite comment thus far was when my co-worker told me my eyelashes looked like snuffaluffagus. Whatever the intention, I took it as a compliment. Do what makes you feel good about yourself and try not to take life so seriously all the time. These are a few lessons motherhood has taught me.


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